Kennel Costs near Mawdesley – Excellent Value for Money

Kennel Costs near Mawdesley Do you need information about kennel costs near Mawdesley? Get in touch with our team for the right information and assistance. As a family of animal enthusiasts, we manage our business with the help of an experienced team of like-minded persons. The charming, countryside setting of our kennels and cattery is one of the biggest attractions for pet owners. We focus on cleanliness, comfort, hygiene and safety. With 100 acres of private land for pets to enjoy, this is indeed a luxury for your furry friends. If you live in a busy, urban area, the resort-like feel of our facility lets your pets have a holiday while you enjoy yours. Our trained team makes sure that the individual needs and preferences of your pet are factored in at all times. We also provide a full grooming service on-site.

Our luxury services are available at sensible kennel costs near Mawdesley. We offer individual, heated sleeping areas, clean vet bedding and a connected weather-proof run for those rainy days when they can’t exercise outdoors. We have a dedicated doggy play area where they can socialise if they like. Choosing the right dog kennel is crucial for your peace of mind. You wouldn’t be able to enjoy your vacation when you know that your precious pet isn’t comfortable or happy. We take care of all dietary needs, and provide high-quality wet and dry food from recognised brands. A local vet is on call, in case the need arises. We can also administer medication or treatments if your doggy needs it.

Our kennel costs near Mawdesley are available on our website. We provide standard rates per night, for single dogs and sharing. While going home, you can opt for a grooming and wash. Clipping and grooming are charged extra. We are fully licensed and insured, and in compliance with all the current regulations governing this sector. Contact Talbot House Kennels for more information about our kennel costs. We welcome a visit during business hours. You can check our facilities and judge them for yourself. This helps you to stay stress-free while you’re away and ensures that your pet gets all the love and care she or he needs.

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