Boarding for Dogs near Hindley – Ideal Solution for Your Furry Friend

Boarding for Dogs near Hindley Consider our boarding for dogs near Hindley if you need a place to house your dog while you are away.

You no longer need to leave your pet with reluctant friends or relatives when you travel. Our boarding facilities for dogs provide everything your pet needs for healthy rest. Travelling with dogs is challenging since several modes of transport don’t accommodate them. Also, several hotels or rental units have ‘No Pets Policies’. In effect travelling with your dog significantly limits your flexibility. Dog boarding facilities are ideal when you need to travel for work or leisure. Reputable dog boarding facilities can cater to short or long-term stays.

When looking for a place to house your dog while you travel, you must consider its cleanliness, quality and capacity. Near Hindley, our boarding for dogs is a state-of-the-art facility with purpose-built kennels to suit varying needs. Our kennels are lean and have individually heated sleeping areas and vet bedding. These kennels have connecting weatherproofed and covered runs set on 100 acres of private land. We provide daily walks and give your dogs access to a dedicated doggy play area. We ensure energetic dogs of all sizes are well looked after. We also provide a full grooming service on-site. If you have bitches in season, you don’t need to worry, we can accommodate them with ease.

Our boarding for dogs near Hindley is a special getaway that your pet will enjoy visiting. We adhere to a regular schedule that your dog will easily adapt to and enjoy. We provide high-quality tinned or dried dog food from recognised brands such as Butchers, Eukanuba, Pedigree Chum, Bakers, Winalot and Pedigree Complete. If your dog is on medication, we can administer treatments on your behalf. We also have access to our local veterinary surgeon in case of emergencies. Contact Talbot House Kennels today if you need a boarding facility for your dogs. We have competitive accommodation packages with discounts for two dogs sharing. We also have clipping and grooming service options that vary by dog size and breed.

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