Cat Grooming near Grimeford Village – Perfect for Your Fur Baby

Cat Grooming near Grimeford Village Treat your feline friend to a deluxe session of cat grooming near Grimeford Village. We offer professional grooming services. We’re a family of animal enthusiasts and provide grooming and boarding facilities. Our serene, scenic facilities are the best setting for your four footed friends. They will enjoy super comfort and relaxation, in quiet safe surroundings. Our cattery has been purpose-built and designed by a specialist cattery company. It has double sized chalets to house two or more cats. You can be sure that kitty will get  all the attention he or she needs, with playtime and cuddles thrown in for good measure. We offer a full-service on-site grooming as an add-on.

To keep your cat healthy and disease-free near Grimeford Village, cat grooming facilities that we offer to exactly this. Most cat owners assume that cats clean themselves thoroughly without help from their pet parents. What they do is lick themselves, and this is the primary cause of problems caused by ingesting fur. Fur-balls can block the digestive system, causing distress and dangerous blockage. Kitty may need surgery to remove them. Grooming keeps the fur smooth, clean and knot-free. Regular brushing helps to re-distribute the skin’s natural oils. This is a problem with ageing felines. Their skin becomes dry and brittle as they age. It’s also a chance to address possible skin issues that lie beneath the fur. Long-hair cats such as Persians or Siberian Blues need regular brushing to prevent their fur from getting matted and tangled.

Cat grooming near Grimeford Village helps to keep kitty’s fur shiny and healthy. Our professional groomers are experienced and trained to make sure your cat is comfortable and safe. We will put your precious pet at ease during the process. Regular grooming includes combing and brushing to remove loose hair. A bath using products that are specifically for cats helps to get rid of dust, grime and parasites. If the claws need to be trimmed we can do that, using the right equipment. Contact Talbot House Kennels to know more about our packages. If you need specialist services such as ear or nose care, let us know in advance.

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