Dog Groomers near Buckshaw Village Transform Your Dog from Scruffy to Gorgeous

Dog Groomers near Buckshaw Village If you would like professional dog groomers near Buckshaw Village to give your dog a much needed grooming and pampering, we’re available to assist. You might give your dog regular baths and brush his coat, but there could be times when a little extra is needed. It may be that your pooch needs his nails clipped, his coat trimmed, or just a little pampering. This is where our dog groomers can do this service for you, professionally, and affordably. Dog grooming is also a way in which to keep your dog’s coat healthy and shiny.

Give your dog a little extra attention. Near Buckshaw Village, dog groomers who are passionate about their work will treat your dog as if he were their own. Talbot House is a well-known kennels and cattery in the tranquil countryside setting of Worthington. Run by a family of animal enthusiasts, the grooming service we have on offer is as professional and reputable as our boarding facilities. The grooming services include shampoos and blow drys, hair clipping and trimming, nail clipping, eye cleaning and ear plucking – everything your dog needs to ensure he is looking his best.

Leave it to the dog groomers near Buckshaw Village to transform your dog from the scruffy – and possibly smelly – dog to the gorgeous creature he is. Contact us for a quote, or to book an appointment. Our fees are dependent on the size and breed of your dog. Bring your pooch to us for a pampering session he won’t forget. If all he needs is a simple bath and shampoo, or a more specialised service to get rid of tangled hair and knots, you can rest assured that our professional team will take great care of your dog. For more details about our dog grooming service, contact Talbot House today. In addition to our grooming services, we also offer luxury boarding for your dog while you are away from home. Moreover, he can enjoy a pamper session by our dog groomers while he is here.

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