Kennel Costs near Billinge – Affordable, Inclusive, Competitive

Kennel Costs near Billinge If you need to find out about kennel costs near Billinge as you are making plans for a well-earned break, you’re welcome to give us a call. We offer luxury kennels to all our canine visitors. When you are going away on a holiday, it is important to find a kennel that will care and love your dog in your absence. If you know that he is well cared for, and safe, you’ll be able to enjoy your holiday without worrying about him.  You are also welcome to pay us a visit and have a look at our well managed facility.

Each one of our kennels has an individually heated sleeping area. Near Billinge, kennel costs include nutritious food for your dog. We offer a range of recognised brands of tinned and dried food to our doggy guests, ensuring that his nutritional needs are met. In addition, if he has any specific dietary requirements, we can see to his needs. The well-being and health of all the dogs that stay at our kennels is important to us.  As such, we have a qualified vet on call. If it is necessary, we can administer medications or dog treatments as part of our dog care kennel service. We’re happy to provide a quote for your dog’s stay with us. Our prices are competitive and we take great pride in our exceptional service.

Kennel costs near Billinge are inclusive and affordable.  Your dog will have a daily walk. In addition, we also have a dedicated doggy play area. All our guests are well looked after and exercised regularly. To find out more about our kennel costs, contact Talbot House Kennels today. All we require of our dog guests is that they are fully dewormed, deflead, and that their vaccinations are up to date, including kennel cough. Our team also provide a full grooming service on-site. Your dog can have a thorough grooming session while he is here. When he returns home, he will be clean, thoroughly brushed and smell good!

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