Dog Boarding Near Rufford – Providing You with Peace of Mind

Dog Boarding Near Rufford For short and long stays or just a doggie holiday, choose our excellent dog boarding near Rufford. Talbot House Kennels offers safe and comfortable accommodation for your dog in the charming countryside setting of Worthington, Standish. We are a family of animal enthusiasts, with a genuine commitment to their health, growth and happiness. In Wigan, our kennels are equipped with superb luxuries such as individually heated sleeping areas and vet bedding. With more than 100 acres of farmland available, your dog can have all the exercise she or he needs, lots of outdoor play and a healthy lifestyle. We also have dedicated play areas, with a full grooming service on site.

For pet owners near Rufford, dog boarding facilities help you do deal with unexpected emergencies as well. If you have to undergo an extended hospital stay, or you have house-guests who don’t share your love of animals, this is a great choice. Our kennels are so comfortable and home-like that your dog will actually look forward to staying with us. We are in full compliance with the latest hygiene and safety regulations as laid down by government authorities. The new rules have been in place since they were notified in October 2018. Our boarding facilities offer a suitable environment that takes into consideration your dog’s individual age, breed, dietary requirements, personality and preferences. The guidelines mandate that every dog has its own dedicated sleeping area, where it can stretch out and stand at its full height, enough to wag tails and walk around.

We can do an initial assessment to understand your dog’s behaviour. For instance, we need to know that before they come to our dog boarding near Rufford, they’re not anxious, scared or uncomfortable around strange people and other dogs. We also observe their feeding and toilet habits so that we can serve them better. Our staff are available round the clock for your dog’s health and safety. In case of any emergency, you can share your vet’s phone number with us. For more details about our dog boarding facilities, contact Talbot House. Your dog will be housed in a clean, dry, warm and well-ventilated area that is kept hygienic and fresh at all times.

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