Cat Groomers near Standish

Cat Groomers near StandishHow’s your luck at finding cat groomers near Standish? Many of our clients who board their cats here are pleased we have cat groomers on staff. During the cat’s stay, their owners will schedule a spa day before they collect their cat so they come home to a well-groomed companion. Cats, especially long-haired cats, can develop hair matts and if not attended to, the matts can be painful. Some owners of longhaired cats like to keep them shaved to lessen the shedding and the formation of matts. We offer a full service grooming for your cat including a shampoo, trim or shave, blow dry, nail trimming if not declawed and ear cleaning. Our groomers are available to pamper your favourite feline whether he or she is staying with us as our guest or not. 

We think our cat groomers are very special because they have a way with cats. Near Standish, cat groomers with the skills and technique to keep Miss Kitty from biting, climbing the walls and scratching eyes out are rare. If you’ve ever tried to give a cat a bath, you understand what we mean. We know our groomers have the gift and thankfully they are right here ready to take your appointment. Most pet grooming salons don’t take cats for the above-mentioned reasons. The feedback we’ve received from clients is that some groomers will agree to groom their cat, and after one or two visits ask them not to return. They blame it on the cat instead of their lack of training and skills. 

When cat groomers near Standish use the cat’s behaviour as a reason for not accepting them as clients, the cat wins. You can’t force your will on a cat but a smart groomer knows you can pamper and cajole until the cat can’t resist and succumbs to the warmth of the water and the groomers magic fingers. Successfully grooming cats takes finesse and patience along with being a cat lover. The approach is totally different than grooming a dog. Talbot House has just such cat groomers. Sometimes our clients are surprised to hear their cat loves her bath. If you’ve never heard that from a groomer before then contact Talbot House. Your cat deserves the specialised and professional services of our cat groomers.

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