Kennel Costs near Coppull

Kennel Costs near CoppullWhen looking for a comfortable place for your furry friend, kennel costs near Coppull is one of the aspects you’ll need to consider. Usually, high-quality service is accompanied by high prices. However, that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. You can find quality kennels that offer great accommodation for your pet at affordable prices. Pets require love and care, just as humans do. The provision of care comes in all ways and forms, including nutrition and grooming. Taking your pet to a boarding kennel that is all about pet care will benefit your furry friend, as well as provide you with total peace of mind.

Talbot House Kennels welcomes dog owners and their dogs to our beautiful countryside premises for a service that goes above and beyond. Near Coppull, kennel costs are affordable and include a number of perks. Our boarding kennels have individual heated sleeping areas to add that extra touch of comfort during rest periods. They also have clean vet bedding that is connected to a weatherproofed and covered run set. Dogs are known to be busy animals, and we’ve catered for that. We have a dedicated play area that is perfect for the energetic ones to run around. We also provide daily walks. With the amount of energy they use up, it’s important to replenish their bodies by giving them proper nutrition. We have a full supply of tinned and dried food, including those from name brands available. Should your dog need special dietary requirements, we’ll be happy to accommodate their needs.

Our kennel costs near Coppull accommodate all this, as well as a health check. We have access to our local veterinary surgeon and can administer medications or dog treatments as part of our kennel service. Contact Talbot House Kennels for your dog’s home away from home. We advise that you to have your dogs vaccinated and have an up to date vaccination certificate if you plan to have your pet board with us. We also look after cats, providing safe and comfortable cat kennels while they are with us.

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