Boarding for dogs in Burscough

Boarding for dogs in BurscoughThere are dog lovers that fear boarding for dogs in Burscough. They are afraid their dog will be lonely, neglected, or fearful. Dogs do feel those emotions along with separation anxiety if they are locked in a pen without exercise and human interaction. Sometimes we ascribe human emotions to dogs that they don’t feel. For instance, some dog owners fear for their dog’s happiness to the extent they would rather not go anywhere than leave their dog behind. That says more about the owners fear than about the dogs emotional well-being. Dogs live in the moment; once you return home they forget you were ever gone. As long as they were well treated while you were away they won’t have a fearful reaction to being left in the care of others.

The good news is there is a way for devoted dog lovers to have a fun holiday away without traumatizing their dog or themselves. In Burscough, boarding for dogs with our animal loving family at Talbot House Kennels will work for you and your dog. Our kennels are safely situated on 100 beautiful and tranquil acres away from anxiety causing noisy crowds. Our staff takes advantage of the room to roam for long walks with your dog. For those dogs still full of energy they can spend time in our special doggy play area where they are carefully supervised. The overload of new smells will keep your pup so preoccupied he may not notice your departure.

At Talbot House Kennels, boarding for dogs in Burscough is a treat. Your dog will have a private, heated kennel with covered dog run where he can rest in great comfort. Fresh water, plenty of food, belly rubs and ear scratches. We even have a grooming salon so we can send you home with a clean pup after his days frolicking at camp. Your own holiday may fall short of amenities compared to your dog’s stay at Talbot House. Contact Talbot House Kennels and arrange a tour of our kennels for you and your dog. You will be reassured when you see how well your pet is cared for and it will help familiarise your dog with the sights and smells that he’ll welcome on his next visit.

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