Boarding for Dogs in Atherton

Boarding for Dogs in AthertonWhen going on vacation, is a kennel offering boarding for dogs in Atherton your best choice? After all, pet owners can opt for a sitter instead. There are several advantages to hiring a sitter. First of all, your dog gets to stay home, where it is used to the environment. Depending on its personality, this may be very important. However, there is also a trade-off. A sitter is in the home for a very short period of time, basically entering just to feed the dog, give it medication if it needs it, and maybe do some cleaning up. Outside of that the dog is on its own.

For other pet owners in Atherton, boarding for dogs is a much better choice. While most sitters are trustworthy individuals, and sometimes a pet owner asks a neighbour to look out for the dog, there are also cases in which you can’t really trust a stranger with your home. Dog boarding kennels on the other hand have round the clock supervision schedule, with walks and play time included. These kennels also have specialists on staff which can provide the one-on-one interaction your dog needs.

Talbot House Kennels are your best choice when it comes to boarding for dogs in Atherton. We offer comfortable and secure accommodation for your dog, with heated sleeping areas, vet bedding, and 100 acres of private land. Your dog will go on daily walks, and have access to a dedicated doggy play area. On top of that, also offer a full grooming service. Among the facilities, there is also a cattery available that has been specifically designed for maximum comfort. The cattery can house two or more cats in one chalet, and the cats benefit from all of the attention and services available to the dogs. If you have a pet, and you want to make sure that it is well taken care of while you’re gone, contact Talbot House Kennels today. There is no better way to ensure that your pet will be in good hands than by taking it to Talbot House.

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