Kennels in Chorley

Kennels in ChorleyYour dogs are part of your family and when you go away you need to find suitable kennels in Chorley. We make sure that your dog is entertained and kept in shape with long walks in the countryside. We also have a dedicated doggy play area where your pup can meet and play with other dogs. This keeps them from getting bored as well as providing a release of energy for the younger dogs. Having a daily walk in the country is exciting and invigorating for the dogs that mostly come from towns and cities. It gives them new smells and scents from badgers, foxes and squirrels.

Finding a place that will look after your dogs and that meets with your approval can be difficult. In Chorley, our kennels are not just a place that keeps your dogs safe but we also provide the attention and care that makes it a holiday for your pets. Our kennels have individually heated sleeping areas and we regularly change the vet bedding to keep the bed clean. If the weather is very cold the sleeping area is connected to a covered weather proof run where they can exercise out of the cold. We all love animals and endeavour to give your dog a wonderful time.

We love animals and will provide a safe place for your dogs at our kennels in Chorley. Contact Talbot House Kennels today and book your fluffy family member in for a stay. We welcome all prospective customers to visit us and inspect our premises at any time when we are open. Our kennels are on about 100 acres of private land and have been built to be completely secure. We have a full grooming service on site if you need you dog to be bathed or clipped before returning home. We also have a cattery on the property and if you have both a dog and a cat we can accommodate them both making it easy for drop off and collection.

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