Cat Groomers in Hindley

cat groomers in HindleyA lot of cat owners don’t think that cats need to be groomed, however, if you have a cat with long hair, finding cat groomers in Hindley can make your life and that of your cat a lot easier. Cats with long hair tend to develop mats, or clumped hair balls up next to their skin. As they walk, the hair is pulled, causing them pain and discomfort. By having them groomed the mats will be removed, and your cat will probably be a lot more active. Many think that their cats are just aging, since they become more immobile and sleep a lot, but it could be just that they don’t want to walk much due to the pain the matted fur is causing.

For your untidy cat in Hindley, cat groomers can be found at Talbot House Kennels. We have people here who specialise in grooming cats, so we can definitely clean up your cat and make them feel good again. Not every pet service provides cat grooming, but we have mastered the technique so you can rest assured your furry baby will be well cared for and treated with gentle hands. We are animal lovers and we treat your cat as though it were our own. We provide baths, shampooing, blow drying, mat removal, hair trimming, nail clipping, cleaning of tear stained eyes and ear plucking. In between we give a lot of TLC to go along with everything else.

When you need expert cat groomers in Hindley, Talbot House Kennels is the place to call. Contact Talbot House Kennels and schedule an appointment with our cat groomers. We will provide to quality care, and results for your cat. Most of our clients are repeat customers and have been coming to us for grooming services for a long time. You – and your cat – will be pleased with our services!

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