Cat Grooming Service in Charnock Richard

Cat grooming service in Charnock RichardA cat grooming service in Charnock Richard should be part of a regular routine for your cat.

Although cats do bathe themselves all the time it is good practice to give them a bath from time to time to rid them of dirt which has become engrained in the skin. When bathing a cat it is necessary to be very experienced as most cats hate the idea of a bath but feel wonderful after it. Cats get used to having a bath and getting dried and brushed. They come to rather enjoy the pampering and the feeling of being clean. If you have a long haired cat it will need to go to a grooming parlour. Cats with long hair tend to get tangles which can hurt if brushed out. Our staff have many years of experience in professional cat grooming and know just how to carefully untangle the hair without hurting the cat.

If you have a tatty kitty in Charnock Richard, cat grooming service can save you a lot of fighting and irritation. Trying to bathe and groom your cat yourself is difficult. The cat needs to be taught from very young to accept bathing and brushing and a lot of people do not have the time to teach their cat. A professional cat groomer knows how to take time with the cat and the cat is less difficult to handle in a strange environment. At home the cat has its normal routine and to introduce a new routine will probably leave him very upset, especially when he feels you have taken liberties with his person.

A cat grooming service in Charnock Richard is very useful for both you and your cat. You can drop him off in the morning on the way to work and collect him on the way home. Contact Talbot House Kennels today and book an appointment for your cat to benefit from our cat grooming service. He will be so happy to feel fresh and clean. Our professional and caring staff will have your kitty looking splendid in no time at all.

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