Dog Grooming in Chorley

Dog grooming in ChorleyDo you need help with dog grooming in Chorley ? Do you want a first class service, and a smart looking and smelling dog? Then we can help with our dedicated dog grooming service! Dogs are more than just pets, they live your life with you. They experience sadness when you leave, joy when you return, jealousy when someone comes between you and them. They become part of your family as well as part of your life. At Talbot House Kennels, we share that love and passion, helping your canine friend to stay in top form.

In Chorley, dog grooming is carried out in an efficient manner. Here at Talbot House Kennels we know it is important for all dogs to be looked after, and groomed and washed on a regular basis. That is why we will groom any dog regardless of their size or breed. We also provide other services such as ear hair trimming, nail trimming, and fringe trimming if you don’t want a full groom. Dogs are such an important part of our lives and we will offer the time and patience with each dog ensuring their dog grooming experience is not rushed and that it is an enjoyable one. When your furry family come and visit us, we want them to have a wagging tail and to be collected after their grooming smelling and looking beautiful.

We provide top quality dog grooming in Chorley. Our mini-massages can help calm down nervous or aggressive dogs and improve their circulation. We also accept every breed, from the small to the large, from the hairless to the hairy. We work with every breed and groom Poodles and bigger dogs including Newfoundlands. Some of the services we provide are bathing, drying and brushing. We also do a cut and tidy with clippers and scissors, as well as nail clipping and ear care. If you do have any other specific requirements that are not listed, then please do not hesitate to ask. For more information on dog grooming, contact Talbot House Kennels.

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