Kennels in Chorley

Kennels in ChorleyAre you looking for safe and comfortable boarding kennels in Chorley for your beloved pets?

When you need to leave your pet behind for a few days, it is important to find a reputable kennel that will care for your pet as you would while you are away. Some pet owners are extremely fussy when it comes to choosing a kennel for their pet when they have to leave town for a few days. They might do an extensive search for the place where they feel their pet will be well cared for in their absence. As they regard their pets as part of their family, they choose to search for kennels that meet their expectations.

In Chorley, kennels are essential in caring for your pet while you are away. Talbot House Kennels & Cattery was established to offer adequate and comfortable accommodation for pets that require such services. This professional boarding kennel service provider offers individually heated clean sleeping areas and vet bedding for every pet that is entrusted to them. The vast 100 acres private space allows residing pets to enjoy planned walks and plays in well structured doggy play areas to exercise active dogs.

Talbot House Kennels offer high quality boarding kennels in Chorley with stellar services for both canine and owners to be truly satisfied. Full grooming services are available on-site for daycare services while resting rooms are ready for bitches in season. Healthy dietary needs of every canine will be appropriately addressed to cater to the different needs of the pet with the specific diet requirements meticulously adhered to. There is access to the local veterinary surgeon that makes house calls while trained personnel can administer medications or treatments as needed. If you require a professional and high quality boarding kennel for your pet, contact Talbot House Kennels & Cattery.

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