Cattery in Chorley

Cattery in ChorleyAre you looking for a cattery in Chorley that offers a safe and responsible place for your cat while you are away?  Perhaps you have to take an extended business trip, or are going away on a long awaited holiday.  You could ask your friends, family or neighbours to look after your cat while you are away, but you might be concerned about your cat running away or becoming ill.  A reputable cattery is the answer to your concern.

In Chorley, a cattery where you can safely leave your cat while you are away is Talbot House Kennels and Cattery.  Instead of agonising who to ask to look after your cat, give them a ring to find out what they can offer you.  As a family of animal enthusiasts, they will provide an excellent ‘home away from home’ for your cat while you are away.  Their catteries have been designed by a specialist to provide your cat with comfort and safety.  Each chalet – yes, your cat will stay in a chalet – is fully heated and comes complete with full height sneeze barriers so your cat is kept healthy and protected.  Not only this, but each chalet has vet bedding to keep your cat warm and protected from bacteria.

A cattery in Chorley where you will want to leave your cat offers not only comfortable chalets, but also regular meals, both dry and tinned, from recognised cat food manufacturers such as Whiskas, Felix, Go-Cat and Iams.  Your cat will sleep in comfort, and eat like a king!  If your cat has any special dietary needs, they will cater for that too.  The sleeping area has an adjoining play area and covered run, so your cat will get the necessary exercise he needs, while safe and secure in his area.  Talbot House is an excellent place to leave your cat while you are away.  You can rest assured that your cat will be safe, secure and well fed.  If you would like to know more about a reputable cattery for your cat, contact Talbot House Kennels and Cattery for more information.

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