Kennels in Billinge

Kennels in Billinge Are you looking for kennels in Billinge? If you are a dog owner you already know that a dog is much more than a pet, it’s a loving companion and for some even a family member. That is why, when we leave home for a longer period of time we want the best lodging for our furry friend. Finding the perfect kennel is not an easy task. One has to look for a beautiful establishment, preferably in the countryside, with generous spaces, comfortable kennels, experienced and animal loving staff and available veterinary services all at an affordable price.

In Billinge, the best kennels are at Talbot House Kennels and Cattery. They offer the perfect accommodation for your dog in kennels that are individually heated, secure and always clean. The experienced and gentle team members give their best to provide the proper conditions for your companion. Daily walks, play sessions in dedicated areas and grooming sessions are included in the accommodation fee. The daily feedings will be provided in compliance with your instructions regarding both frequency and food type. Talbot House Kennels can house any dog, even females that are in season or dogs that need medical treatment which will be provided by the local vet. To preserve the health security all dogs staying at the kennels must have up to date vaccinations and be dewormed and deflead.

You can find the most proper kennels in Billinge at Talbot House Kennels and Cattery. With the fully heated kennels, waterproof runs, huge exercise area, daily grooming, personalised feeding and a vet on call, they are the premium boarding solution for your dog. They have the perfect solution for you even if you are a cat person. At Talbot House Kennels and Cattery you can find specially designed chalets for your cat that are fully heated , have dedicated sleeping areas and adjoining covered runs. Custom feeding and grooming and on demand veterinary services will be provided daily. So if in need of boarding services for your loving furry friend call Talbot House Kennels.

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