Luxury Kennels in Wigan

Luxury Kennels in WiganWith luxury kennels in Wigan, your pets can also get a little bit of that luxury lifestyle you are going to enjoy during your travels. Whether you are going away for a holiday or simply travelling for work, the one thing you cannot do is ignore your pet dog but simply putting them in any kennel is not an option. There is a certain way we live with our pets at home and they, too, become accustomed to a particular kind of lifestyle. When leaving for a certain period of time, you do not want your pets to become depressed or feel lonely and that is why you need a great kennel where you can leave them, knowing they will be well looked after.

In Wigan, luxury kennels like the Talbot House Kennels can be a smart choice when you have to leave your pets behind when you are away. When you pay us a visit, the first thing that you will notice about our luxury facilities is the sleeping area with well insulated kennels and luxury blankets. Each kennel is heated so you don’t have to worry about your pets shivering in the cold. The other thing that makes a difference is our exercise area – every dog needs a bit of space to run around and at Talbot House Kennels we offer a 100-acre exercise area.

Another point worth emphasising about our luxury kennels in Wigan is the nutrition and feeding of your pet. We have an in-house chef who plans and prepares nutritious wholesome food. We stock well-known brands of dog food – and if your dog prefers a different brand, or has to eat a certain type, we will endeavour to acquire it.   We have the services of an on-call vet, who is available in any emergency. We also cater for in-season females. With as many professional and caring facilities as these, you will have peace of mind knowing that your pet is well cared for. Contact Talbot House Kennels to find out more about our services for your pet while you are away.

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