Leave your Pets at our Kennels in Mawdesley

Kennels in MawdesleyWith our fully equipped kennels in Mawdesley, there are several benefits for pet owners who are looking to leave their pet in a safe place while they are on vacation. Normally, people are simply looking for a reliable place where they can keep their pets for a while and their pet’s safety and security is their only concern. For that reason a simple kennel with trustworthy staff is what they need, but with the Talbot House Kennels, there is a lot more that they get for their money. Not only do you get a safe, healthy and secure environment for your pets while you are away, you also get peace of mind knowing your pets are safe and well treated.

In Mawdesley, our kennels not only provide boarding and lodging facilities for your animals, but also a wide range of perks like grooming facilities, a large exercise area as well as vet-recommended bedding facilities. Just because you’re heading out to sunny locales for the winter doesn’t mean that your pets have to stay in the cold back home. They get fully-heated kennels as part of their housing and regular exercise in our 100-acre covered, private land. We cater for all types and ages of dogs, including females in season.

The best part about our kennels in Mawdesley is that we also cater to your pet’s dietary needs with some of the best dog food brands like Pedigree, Butchers, Winalot, to name a few. If your pet has a special dietary recommendation or need, we can provide that as well. Finally, we have a vet on call at our facility and that allows us to care for your dog should any problems, if any, occur. If you have a dog that you are dreading leaving behind while you are on holiday, come to Talbot House and have a look at our facilities. From single-dog kennels to twin-sharing kennels, there is plenty of space, food and entertainment for your dogs to feel at home at Talbot House Kennels.

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