Where Can You Find Reliable Kennels in Eccleston?

kennels in EcclestonThere may come a time when you have to find reliable kennels in Eccleston for your beloved pet. Where would you go and how would you know they are reliable? For most people, caring for pets is similar to caring for children. If the need for a kennel arises, then pet owners expect the same level of care as they provide at home. But so many kennels out there have a bad reputation, particularly when it comes to cleanliness of the premises and neglect. Where can you find a good kennel service?

A couple in Eccleston wanted kennels for their pet Dalmatians. They needed to go out of town on business and wanted to leave their dogs in the best possible kennel care service. After a diligent search, their neighbours suggested Talbot House. After visiting the premises, the couple was pleased to learn the kennels were fully heated, had waterproof runs and a large exercise area for the dogs to walk and play. The kennel also provided daily feeding and a comfortable vet bedding for the dogs to rest. Talbot House also provides nutritious dried and tinned food from recognized brands. In case of emergencies, there was a veterinarian on call. More importantly, the couple wanted their dogs to receive one-on-one attention and not be locked away in a cage for most of the day. At Talbot House, they provide special attention to each animal that is staying on their premises, so owners can have peace of mind that their pets are in capable hands.

If you require kennels in Eccleston, contact Talbot House today. They have a reputation for providing quality care to pets, in a well-maintained environment. Apart from kennels, they also provide a cattery service for feline pets, grooming services, and caravan storage. For more information about any of Talbot House’s services, including the kennel service please contact them telephonically. Alternatively, customers are welcome to submit their enquiries online by completing the online form.

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