A Great Experience with Our Kennels for Labradors in Wigan

kennels for Labradors in WiganWe recently received feedback from customers that had needed kennels for Labradors in Wigan The couple had called us to find out if we were set up to board their Labradors while they took a short holiday. They were originally concerned because their black Labrador was really still a puppy at 11 months and had what they had considered “high energy”. They were a bit worried that while he was boarded that he might not get all the necessary exercise to help with his energy level.

In Wigan, kennels for Labradors are easy to find. At Talbot Kennels, Labradors have access to our play area that we use to help dogs run and play and work off some of their excess energy. They are also taken for a walk and being on 100 acres, we are able to customise our walking time and distance to accommodate each of our guest’s needs. We even have a back-up plan if the weather is not co-operating; all of our dog runs are covered so they are protected from the elements. So, after our discussion they reserved a kennel for their dogs.

Our kennels for Labradors in Wigan meet our new guests with excitement a few weeks later. The black Labrador was very excited to be here and really loved the fact that he was able to share a kennel with his pal. When we took them out in the play area you should have seen the way they were able to run around and enjoy themselves safely. When their parents came to pick them up they were very pleased by what they saw. They saw their two dogs happy and content and ready to go home. A week later, we received a great thank you note from the couple letting us know that their Labradors will always be boarded with Talbot House.

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