Kennels in Adlington

kennels in AdlingtonWhen you are going away, one of the best kennels in Adlington to send your pet to is Talbot House Kennel and Cattery. This is a wonderful home away from home for your cats and dogs. If your kennel or cattery doesn’t know how to properly care for pets, they could get sick or injured. A pet is an important part of your family, so why take the chance?

When you go away from home in Adlington, kennels are needed to look after your pets. The best assurance of your pets’ safety is to send them to Talbot House. You don’t need to stress if your much loved pet is safe at the Talbot House. Choosing a beautiful, scenic location that cats and dogs alike will love will not only assure their health but also their joy. They offer grooming and walks for dogs with lots of energy, and they have access to their local veterinary surgeon so that they may give medications or treatments as part of their service. For cats, each one has their own chalet that has full height sneeze barriers and vet bedding so that your cat is protected and warm. As cats also enjoy playing, they offer a fully covered run and play area, because no cat loves getting wet! In addition to this they supply wet and dry meals from many well known brands, and they can administer any necessary medical treatment.

Kennels in Adlington like Talbot House is the best choice for both you and your cherished family member. It’s only logical to choose the very best for your special companion.  Here they will receive unconditional love and support; giving them the best care just makes sense. This incredible Kennel and Cattery knows just how to keep your cat or dog happy, they care just as much about your pet as you do. They want your cat or dog to have a wonder filled experience that will keep you coming back. Of course, if you fall in love with the kennels you can always store your Caravan there. Their safe and secure Caravan Storage is an added benefit to an already terrific experience. Call and book today! You can’t go wrong with Talbot Kennel and Cattery.

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