Dog Kennels Enquiry In Wigan



For any Dog Kennels Enquiry In Wigan there is one place to consider: Talbot House Boarding Kennels in Standish nr Wigan. With a wealth of experience to draw upon, the team at Talbot House are adept at looking after your cherished pet with the same love and attention you afford to them. With impressive facilities; set amongst 100 acres of beautiful private land, you will have no misgivings leaving your pet at Talbot House.

From Wigan to the surrounding towns and villages, a dog kennels enquiry is dealt with in a prompt and professional manner, which gives you immediate peace of mind you are dealing with the right people. All boarding kennels have individually heated sleeping areas, which are clean and have treated vet bedding with a connecting weatherproof and covered run. Everything is set up to the highest standards of care and comfort.

For instance, Talbot Kennels had an enquiry in Wigan from a lady-that subsequently became a boarding-regarding her pet dog. Having been highly recommended after being told the kennels had been refurbished-a yearly action-and an on-site cattery which was ideal for her cat also. She was struck with the first class service she received and would have no hesitation in using Talbot House Boarding Kennels & Cattery again.


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