Kennels For Border Terriers In Chorley


When you are going on holiday and are looking for Kennels For Border Terriers In Chorley for your beloved pet then why not speak to the experienced staff at Talbot House Boarding Kennels? Set within 100 acres of lush green countryside near Standish this Worthington based kennels is open every day of the week and has top class facilities. Taking care of your pet is more than a business at Talbot House, it is a way of life.

In Chorley kennels for Border Terriers are something which all dog lovers need. A family run business, Talbot House welcome both new and existing customers alike to their fully heated kennels which are comfortable, relaxing and warm – just like home. With a covered run so your Border Terrier gets plenty of air and exercise, dogs adore the time they spend at Talbot House and as and owner, you have complete peace of mind that your pet is being well looked after.

So when you are choosing kennels for Border Terriers in Chorley, choose the best available. All dogs staying at Talbot House must have a recent vaccination certificate. They must also be vaccinated against kennel cough, be wormed and deflead. Yet another reason you can rest assured that your pet will come home to you in exactly the same health as he left. With a local on call vet servicing the kennels you can rest assured that the experienced and dog loving staff at  Talbot house will make your Border Terrier’s stay a comfortable one.


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