Enquiry About A Cat Grooming Service In Orrell

Cat Grooming Orrell


If you have an Enquiry About A Cat Grooming Service In Orrell , Talbot House Boarding Kennels and Cattery is the place to contact. Based in a beautiful location with over 100 acres of land, this Worthington, Standish based Kennels and Cattery offers a complete cat pampering service too. No matter whether your cat is already a guest at Talbot House or you just fancy treating him, Talbot House can help.

In Orrell an enquiry about a cat grooming service is beat answered by the professionals. With over 20 years experience in taking care of cats, the staff at Talbot House are second to none. Even if your pet is of a nervous disposition or is a little difficult with strangers, the grooming staff at Talbot House are experts in putting animals at ease.

So if you have an enquiry about a cat grooming service in Orrell and want to find out more, call 01257 791 367/07979 877 564 today to find out just how Talbot House can pamper your pet. Their tailored grooming service includes – baths, blow drying, shampooing, nail clipping and care, ear plucking and eye cleaning. Also if you have a matted moggy then don’t worry as they can have your cat looking and feeling great in no time at all!



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